About Michael

I'm Michael Twomey, a software engineer who seems to have navigated the computing waters of the past 20 years and landed in UNIX backend development and operations. These days I mostly drink coffee and give ou\^H\^H advice to younger engineers. I also seem to spend much more time grepping logs than I had really planned at this stage in my career. I've drunk from the cup of management.

You can always contact me at @micktwomey and *@mick.twomeylee.name (be creative with your email prefix). I've deleted my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, so don't look for me there :)

I have random bits of bad code on BitBucket and GitHub.

My most successful open source project is a nasty bit of regular expression code to parse ISO 8601 dates. Go figure. (It's pyiso8601 if you're curious).

I help out where I can with the following groups:

I'm currently working for Vectra. I've previously worked for Rockall, Udemy, FieldAware, HubSpot, Amazon, RenaissanceRe and Sun Microsystems.