Stuff of Interest to Mick, July 2015 Edition

I figure it's always funny to list things that currently interest you and then laugh at yourself a few years later. So here's my July 2015 selection:

Programming Languages

Lots os hip new languages there, so far I've probably spent the most time trying to write F# and Clojure, and I've read the most Go (since everything is written in that these days).

Python is always my goto language, but I'm really trying to explore languages with different approaches to to typing.

Tools / Projects

I'm still trying to find that ideal mix of stuff which lets a company manage development and deployment while keeping its sanity. Also applies to personal projects (though my scale is smaller and cheaper).


I'm still tinkering with my Raspberry Pi collection, I think I've accumulated enough hardware to actually make something :)

I'd love a Model 01 keyboard, but I want to hear more reviews before I invest in an expensive keyboard. However it looks like it might be a good investment to save my wrists :)

I'd live a Wii U mostly to play Splatoon, and it'd really annoy @theothernt.