Shonky Network Setup of the Day

Shonky Network Setup of the Day

So, here I am helping another GameCraft, this time I'm hoping to write a simple game using my shiny new Flotilla on my Raspberry Pis.

First problem: connecting to the network for stuff. The GameCraft is graciously being hosted by DIT in their excellent new Grangegorman campus. They have also given us access to the Wifi. The problem is it's 801.x so it's awkward to configure using WPA supplicant on a Pi.

Second problem: To get around this I want to share the wifi from my Macbook over an ethernet cable to a wifi router I brought for just such an occasion. The problem here is OS X won't share an 801.x connection.

Convoluted solution: Connect to the wifi from my Mac, then turn on my VPN connection (with send all traffic turned on), then share that connection to my Wifi router, which my Pis can connect to. Simples.

Bonus: For some reason the Irish VPN endpoint isn't working so I'm routing via the UK.

Ok, I could just simply connect the Pis to my router and my laptop to that, but then I'd lose the ability to download all the code I forgot to download in advance :)